Wings - Chapters 8,9
"Hold onto your seats everyone, it's going to be a bumpy ride!" That's easily what I could say about chapter 8 of wings. This chapter explodes all the weirdness we've seen into outright mania, and yet somehow it all makes sense.

Laurel goes back to her old home with her parents, to clean it up and check on it. (Maybe the visit from the strange realtor had something to do with it? Anyway, not to jazzed about cleaning, Laurel wanders off with her guitar to a familiar stream. She lets the petals free on her back, since the get sore from being tied down. As she sitting there playing Sarah Mclachlan (Good choice!), this is where it gets really interesting.

Someone rustles in the bushes, and falls out of the foliage near her. The stranger, whose name is Tamani, is gorgeous. Brilliant green eyes, black hair with matching green roots, perfect tan, prefect body. He knows Laurel, and she knows him. It tickles at her mind, though she can't really say why.

He tells her to come with him, and grabs her hand. This is where Laurel loses her senses, she
goes with him. Not a smart idea. However, I think that his physical touch had something to do with the persuasion, since once he lets her go her wits come back. As any normal girl would, being alone in the woods with a stranger, she freaks out and tries to leave. Her lures her back with the promise of answers.

If you want to suprised when you read this book, you should probably not read the rest of this post.

Ok...Are you ready for this? --
He tells her she's a plant. Not just a plant, but the most highly evolved form of plant. A Faerie.

A FAERIE!!!!!! What??? Are you crazy?

That's pretty much the reaction Laurel has and she runs away as fast as she can. (smart girl)

The next day David can tell somethings up, but Laurel manages to avoid him at school until biology. Tears are a big factor here. She promises to tell him later as they start to come, and since Laurel doesn't cry much, he doesn't push the point. David takes her back to where they had their first 'date', the twisted tree.

At this point, Laurel is in full on meltdown mode. And seriously, who wouldn't be with all the crap that's been going on? She's plagued by the memory of Tamani, and refuses to believe that she is a Faerie, or a plant. David simply adds fuel to the fire by saying that it makes a lot of sense. (Which it does, having to be outside, vegan, overly obsessed with nature, can't swim in salt water) She freaks out on him too, and in a deja-vu like repeat of the day before she runs away.

Chapter 9 finishes with Laurel asking her father if she had been different as a child. Though he gives her placating answers, I think the parents may have more of a clue than they're letting on.

More to come soon. Is two chapters to much for one post? I would like to finish the book before I leave for school and this seemed about the only way to do it.


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