Wings – 15,16
As opposed to the last two chapters, fifteen and sixteen were ridiculously short.

Laurel makes a report to David, though she doesn’t tell him much. She is plagued by thoughts of Tanami – the ring necklace he gave her is certainly doing its job. Do I sense a love triangle shaping up here? Laurel compares the two in her mind. David: cool, calm, reliable, trustworthy. Tamani: wild, passionate, dangerous.

Laurel comes up with yet another experiment – since she’s a plant, she must breathe oxygen out. So, David breathes into her mouth, she holds it in, and breathes it back. The kissing part of it is just a bonus. ;) It would seem like Laurel breathes almost pure oxygen. I bet that was an exhilarating breath.

The next day Laurel spends some time with Chelsea. She takes her to a lighthouse on the coast. Laurel loves the ocean breeze as long as she doesn’t touch the water. After a picnic where Chelsea eats a snickers, and Laurel eats strawberries, they have a little heart-to-heart. About David.

Chelsea’s liked him for a really long time, but she concedes the victory to Laurel. A little more of Chelsea’s character is revealed, and they part as friends. I know its not the most exciting post, but that’s all for now! More to come soon.


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