Wings - Chapters 17, 18
Things take a dark twist in these next two chapters.

Laurel’s father gets sick. We’re not talking flu sick, we’re talking deathly ill. He’s so sick that Laurel’s mom actually called an ambulance. And as we know, their family doesn’t do doctors or hospitals. Ever.

Laurel takes over hours at the bookshop, and her friends do her best to cheer her; but even cuddling with David isn’t enough to lift her spirits. David drives her regularly to the hospital her father has been transferred to. He really is being a great guy here! I’m impressed! But her father doesn’t improve; he gets worse. Te doctors have located a toxin in his body that if left alone will shut down his organs one by one. So far nothing they have done has been able to reverse it. (Something tells me Laurel is going to have to use her special new powers in order to save her father)

Things spiral further out of control as the creepy realtor Mr. Barnes keeps hounding their family about the land sale. After he thoroughly interrogates Laurel about why her parents are never home, she begins to screen her calls, never answering the ones from him. Can you predict the next thing that is going to happen here?
If you were an astute reader you would have figured out that this Mr, Barnes obviously isn’t going to give up that easy. If you guessed that, you’re right. An afternoon about two weeks into this saga, Laurel’s father has been given a week to live. David immediately takes her to the hospital, it no longer seems weird when they hold hands. Their relationship has progressed past friendship now whether Laurel wants it to or not.

As they enter the room, guess who’s there? You got it – Mr. Barnes. Laurel’s mom is smiling and nodding, singing her life away. She is almost trace-like happy for someone whose husband is dying. Her family is swimming in debt without health insurance, and no matter what she says there is no way Laurel can convince her otherwise.

Despite the fact that she understands, there is still something seriously off about Mr. Barnes. She decided to take off with David and investigate the office address on his business card. And let me tell you, this is where it gets really weird. The office address is a house; a very old house that looks like it’s abandoned.

David sees a light, and we find Mr. Barnes in addition to the house. Two creepy guys are with him, the look wrong – like their skin didn’t quite hang on them right. Also in the corner, a creature is chained up. It looks half-human, half-animal. Its jaws are distended, and from the rest of the description: YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT THIS IS.

Just as they’re about to run, it opens an eye, a blue eye, and looks at Laurel. Talk about a cliff hangar! Anyway, I’m really excited to find out what’s going on here. More to come!

Question for the comments: If you were Laurel, would really really have gone after that guy?

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