Wings - Chapters 23,24

Tamani has been shot. In the leg only, but he’s still oozing sap like there’s no tomorrow. Without even hesitating Mr. Barnes shoots him in the other leg. All this is directly in Laurel’s line of sight. He tells her with signal’s to leave him, and go back to notify the other faerie’s, but she can’t leave him.

Mr. Barnes puts the gun down, and begins to question Tamani about why he’s there, all the while kicking his leg every time he doesn’t answer. In a last ditch effort to help Tamani, Laurel sneaks across the room, grabs the gun, and points it at the troll. But even after all he’s put her through, she can’t kill him. He lunges for the gun, and reflexively shoots him in the shoulder, dropping the gun in the process. Tamani manages to get the gun, and shoot, but by that point Mr. Barnes has already jumped out the window and fled.

David comes running, hearing the gunshots, and they hurry to get back to the other faeries. He’s bleeding (in the only way plants can) profusely and needs to be healed. After once again promising David that she’ll come back from the forest, She delivers Tamani into the hands of the faeries.

They take him through the gate. From the description it is bright and glittering, and the world Avalon on the other side is absolutely beautiful! An older Faerie trades places with Tamani, coming out of the gate to speak with Laurel. He is very kind to her, and expresses how proud he was of her for not killing the troll. Fall faeries are made for healing, not for killing. He also gives her an elixir as thanks. It is one of the only faerie potions that will work on humans, and it will save her father. ALSO, he gives her a golf ball sized diamond! It is payment to parents for the land if they will out it in a trust in Laurel’s name! Holy cow!

David takes her back to the hospital, and after administering several drops of the liquid into her father’s mouth; she gives her mother the diamond and the proposition. If I had been handed a rock that big I would be just as suspicious as Laurel’s mother is, and the explanation she then gives her about her life is not easy. Their reunion is complete when her father wakes up from his coma, and seems to be just fine.

Laurel goes back to see David who’s waiting at the car. After healing his large bruise from their encounter with the river, They finally take the step we have all been waiting for. Laurel kisses him, and shoves their relationship into full gear. Everything seems to be just right now.

Last chapter next!


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