Wings - Chapters 21, 22
As we begin to race towards the conclusion of the story, I start to get more of the answers I’ve been so curious for.

David handles meeting Tamani better than the reverse, but that may have something to so with the near coma that waking up at 4 am induces. Nothing like getting up that early to go kick some troll butt! *rolls eyes*

And finally (drumroll!) the reason trolls are so ugly! Trolls are a glitch, the have no symmetry in their bodies. Laurel and Tamani, being faeries are the complete opposite. Faeries are precisely symmetrical in everyway (some of the reason they’re so gorgeous). Humans are somewhere in between, having middle symmetry.

I was wrong, Mr. Barnes doesn’t know what Laurel is! If he had, Tamani claims he never would have attempted to drown her. They figure that since the three times he has encountered her, other smells have covered up her lack of smell. David smelled like campfire at her house when he first visited, the hospital is full of smells, and David’s blood dripped on her when they were thrown against the wall, making her look human. Lucky for her.

After a brief fight about who is to stay in the car and who is to go, they reach the house. David has to stay, he’ll alert the trolls with his scent, and Laurel is too stubborn to be left behind. David implores her to come back, and she promises she will. They leave him with instructions on when to come closer, and if to go back and tell the other Faeries.

Not gonna lie, it’s pretty cool to see Tamani in action. He takes out three of the four trolls in a matter of minutes with a dart and a couple of neck-snaps, though that was rather unsettling to read. The dart was only a sedative for the strange ‘watchdog troll’, and he disposes of that one with a special spray to the eyes. Thankfully she was unconscious.

Three down, one to go. Mr. Barnes is the only one missing, and you can almost feel the tangible tension as Laurel and Tamani creep further into the house looking for him. When they find him, its only his shadow they see, the rising sun is useful for some things. :) Tamani whips out his handy dart blower, and Mr. Barnes shadow slumps down onto his desk. Well…that was easy. Too easy. He was faking!

Before we know it Tamani has been thrown against the wall and a dangerous game of cat and mouse progresses around the room. They seem almost evenly matched between Tamani’s speed and the troll’s strength. That is, until Tamani falters and gets thrown against the wall again, this time right across from Laurel, where she can see everything.

He’s injured this time, it’s pretty obvious. Despite that, he tries to lunge for the troll once again, only to be rewarded with another bone-crunching throw into the wall. Mr. Barnes isn’t going to be fooled with this time. He takes a gun from his belt, points it at Tamani, and pulls the trigger.

That’s all for now folks! I know that was a mega cliff hanger, but hold on, we’re almost there!

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