Wings - Chapter 19, 20

I can’t even tell you! My heart is POUNDING after reading chapter 19! It is totally action packed.

Now spotted, David and Laurel are in trouble. Mr. Barnes breaks through the window, grabs them, and throws them against the opposite wall! WOAH! David tries to shield her, but she’s leaking fluid from her back, and we don’t know how badly she’s injured.

As Mr. Barnes interrogates them about what they’re doing there, David falls into the same trancelike state as laurel’s mother and answers the questions without even flinching. Laurel has to slap him, hard, in order to snap him out of it. But its already too late, he’s given away too much, and Mr. Barnes isn’t exactly just going to let them go.

The two ugly men threaten to break they’re legs, but no, they get a face far worse: drowning. Yes, Mr. Barnes tells his henchman to take Laurel and David to the river, weight them down, and drown them! It becomes obvious that Mr. Barnes knows exactly what Laurel is, because he specifically says he doesn’t want her around when the papers are signed. Hmm….makes you wonder what HE is.

As they’re driving, David starts to get sentimental, but Laurel refuses to say goodbye. As they arrive at the river, the men tie them to very, very heavy rocks. While they’re awaiting their fate, Laurel remembers they’re experiment in his kitchen where they shared breath. Not a bad idea if I do say so myself. Then get this; these men pick Laurel and David up with their rocks. One in each hand! And thrown them into the middle of the river.

There are a very few tense pages as Laurel, in the midst of sharing breaths with David, frees him. He’s swept away down river, and now she no longer has an air supply. Somehow, she manages, to free herself, though her feet are pretty injured in the process. David catches her further down river. She was underwater more than fifteen minutes after she freed him. Holy cow.

Moving on to chapter 20. They go to Tamani. David sleeps in the car while Tamani heals Laurel and she sleeps in the forest. When she wakes up (conveniently in Tamani’s arms) we finally find out some of the answers we’re looking for!

The ugly people are trolls, who are trying to take over the faeries, it’s one of those never ending grudge things. The reason the land is so important is that it contains a gate to the Faerie world. The trolls made Laurel’s father sick to force her mother’s hand into selling the land, which is now apparent, is really not a good thing.

They head off to fight the trolls, Tamani grumbling all the way about having to meet David. Looks like an exciting showdown is shaping up. More to come!


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    good review, i want to read more! Keep up the reading and writing.

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