Wings - Chapter 25

Laurel’s parents agree to the bargain. A fair deal, since the diamond was appraised at 800,000 dollars. Woah now. The final chapter takes place in the forest, where Laurel has come to say goodbye to Tamani.

She wants to stay with him, but she recognizes that she can’t be a part of this world right now. She has to be human, and being human means being with David. He begs her to stay, to live in the house on the land, but she can’t. She has to protect her parents and her friends in case any trolls decide to come back.

He continues to beg, and she finally asks him why he loves her so much, if he barely knows her. Warning: Twist coming. They were child hood friends when they were young faeries. Not just friends, the best and deepest of friends. They had to erase her memory of everything, including Tamani form her mind when she was given as a human infant.

The ring he gave her wasn’t just any ring. It was hers. She had told him to give it to her so that she could try to remember. It didn’t work, but he said he had to try. He then tells her that he’s been watching her everyday for the past 5 years. How could he not have fallen in love with her? He says he wait. Forever if he has to. Wait just for her.

The time for goodbye has come. She’s almost to the car when she can’t take it anymore. She runs back after him, even though he’s disappeared. She run’s and kisses him (another well written, stomach flipping kiss) She feels once again torn between him and David. She doesn’t know how she’ll manage.

He thanks her for the glimmer of hope, and she says. ‘There’s always hope.” Then she turns away, and goes home.

The End.

I’ll write a post with my final thoughts very soon!!


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