Wings - Chapter 25

Laurel’s parents agree to the bargain. A fair deal, since the diamond was appraised at 800,000 dollars. Woah now. The final chapter takes place in the forest, where Laurel has come to say goodbye to Tamani.

She wants to stay with him, but she recognizes that she can’t be a part of this world right now. She has to be human, and being human means being with David. He begs her to stay, to live in the house on the land, but she can’t. She has to protect her parents and her friends in case any trolls decide to come back.

He continues to beg, and she finally asks him why he loves her so much, if he barely knows her. Warning: Twist coming. They were child hood friends when they were young faeries. Not just friends, the best and deepest of friends. They had to erase her memory of everything, including Tamani form her mind when she was given as a human infant.

The ring he gave her wasn’t just any ring. It was hers. She had told him to give it to her so that she could try to remember. It didn’t work, but he said he had to try. He then tells her that he’s been watching her everyday for the past 5 years. How could he not have fallen in love with her? He says he wait. Forever if he has to. Wait just for her.

The time for goodbye has come. She’s almost to the car when she can’t take it anymore. She runs back after him, even though he’s disappeared. She run’s and kisses him (another well written, stomach flipping kiss) She feels once again torn between him and David. She doesn’t know how she’ll manage.

He thanks her for the glimmer of hope, and she says. ‘There’s always hope.” Then she turns away, and goes home.

The End.

I’ll write a post with my final thoughts very soon!!


Wings - Chapters 23,24

Tamani has been shot. In the leg only, but he’s still oozing sap like there’s no tomorrow. Without even hesitating Mr. Barnes shoots him in the other leg. All this is directly in Laurel’s line of sight. He tells her with signal’s to leave him, and go back to notify the other faerie’s, but she can’t leave him.

Mr. Barnes puts the gun down, and begins to question Tamani about why he’s there, all the while kicking his leg every time he doesn’t answer. In a last ditch effort to help Tamani, Laurel sneaks across the room, grabs the gun, and points it at the troll. But even after all he’s put her through, she can’t kill him. He lunges for the gun, and reflexively shoots him in the shoulder, dropping the gun in the process. Tamani manages to get the gun, and shoot, but by that point Mr. Barnes has already jumped out the window and fled.

David comes running, hearing the gunshots, and they hurry to get back to the other faeries. He’s bleeding (in the only way plants can) profusely and needs to be healed. After once again promising David that she’ll come back from the forest, She delivers Tamani into the hands of the faeries.

They take him through the gate. From the description it is bright and glittering, and the world Avalon on the other side is absolutely beautiful! An older Faerie trades places with Tamani, coming out of the gate to speak with Laurel. He is very kind to her, and expresses how proud he was of her for not killing the troll. Fall faeries are made for healing, not for killing. He also gives her an elixir as thanks. It is one of the only faerie potions that will work on humans, and it will save her father. ALSO, he gives her a golf ball sized diamond! It is payment to parents for the land if they will out it in a trust in Laurel’s name! Holy cow!

David takes her back to the hospital, and after administering several drops of the liquid into her father’s mouth; she gives her mother the diamond and the proposition. If I had been handed a rock that big I would be just as suspicious as Laurel’s mother is, and the explanation she then gives her about her life is not easy. Their reunion is complete when her father wakes up from his coma, and seems to be just fine.

Laurel goes back to see David who’s waiting at the car. After healing his large bruise from their encounter with the river, They finally take the step we have all been waiting for. Laurel kisses him, and shoves their relationship into full gear. Everything seems to be just right now.

Last chapter next!


Wings - Chapters 21, 22
As we begin to race towards the conclusion of the story, I start to get more of the answers I’ve been so curious for.

David handles meeting Tamani better than the reverse, but that may have something to so with the near coma that waking up at 4 am induces. Nothing like getting up that early to go kick some troll butt! *rolls eyes*

And finally (drumroll!) the reason trolls are so ugly! Trolls are a glitch, the have no symmetry in their bodies. Laurel and Tamani, being faeries are the complete opposite. Faeries are precisely symmetrical in everyway (some of the reason they’re so gorgeous). Humans are somewhere in between, having middle symmetry.

I was wrong, Mr. Barnes doesn’t know what Laurel is! If he had, Tamani claims he never would have attempted to drown her. They figure that since the three times he has encountered her, other smells have covered up her lack of smell. David smelled like campfire at her house when he first visited, the hospital is full of smells, and David’s blood dripped on her when they were thrown against the wall, making her look human. Lucky for her.

After a brief fight about who is to stay in the car and who is to go, they reach the house. David has to stay, he’ll alert the trolls with his scent, and Laurel is too stubborn to be left behind. David implores her to come back, and she promises she will. They leave him with instructions on when to come closer, and if to go back and tell the other Faeries.

Not gonna lie, it’s pretty cool to see Tamani in action. He takes out three of the four trolls in a matter of minutes with a dart and a couple of neck-snaps, though that was rather unsettling to read. The dart was only a sedative for the strange ‘watchdog troll’, and he disposes of that one with a special spray to the eyes. Thankfully she was unconscious.

Three down, one to go. Mr. Barnes is the only one missing, and you can almost feel the tangible tension as Laurel and Tamani creep further into the house looking for him. When they find him, its only his shadow they see, the rising sun is useful for some things. :) Tamani whips out his handy dart blower, and Mr. Barnes shadow slumps down onto his desk. Well…that was easy. Too easy. He was faking!

Before we know it Tamani has been thrown against the wall and a dangerous game of cat and mouse progresses around the room. They seem almost evenly matched between Tamani’s speed and the troll’s strength. That is, until Tamani falters and gets thrown against the wall again, this time right across from Laurel, where she can see everything.

He’s injured this time, it’s pretty obvious. Despite that, he tries to lunge for the troll once again, only to be rewarded with another bone-crunching throw into the wall. Mr. Barnes isn’t going to be fooled with this time. He takes a gun from his belt, points it at Tamani, and pulls the trigger.

That’s all for now folks! I know that was a mega cliff hanger, but hold on, we’re almost there!

Wings - Chapter 19, 20

I can’t even tell you! My heart is POUNDING after reading chapter 19! It is totally action packed.

Now spotted, David and Laurel are in trouble. Mr. Barnes breaks through the window, grabs them, and throws them against the opposite wall! WOAH! David tries to shield her, but she’s leaking fluid from her back, and we don’t know how badly she’s injured.

As Mr. Barnes interrogates them about what they’re doing there, David falls into the same trancelike state as laurel’s mother and answers the questions without even flinching. Laurel has to slap him, hard, in order to snap him out of it. But its already too late, he’s given away too much, and Mr. Barnes isn’t exactly just going to let them go.

The two ugly men threaten to break they’re legs, but no, they get a face far worse: drowning. Yes, Mr. Barnes tells his henchman to take Laurel and David to the river, weight them down, and drown them! It becomes obvious that Mr. Barnes knows exactly what Laurel is, because he specifically says he doesn’t want her around when the papers are signed. Hmm….makes you wonder what HE is.

As they’re driving, David starts to get sentimental, but Laurel refuses to say goodbye. As they arrive at the river, the men tie them to very, very heavy rocks. While they’re awaiting their fate, Laurel remembers they’re experiment in his kitchen where they shared breath. Not a bad idea if I do say so myself. Then get this; these men pick Laurel and David up with their rocks. One in each hand! And thrown them into the middle of the river.

There are a very few tense pages as Laurel, in the midst of sharing breaths with David, frees him. He’s swept away down river, and now she no longer has an air supply. Somehow, she manages, to free herself, though her feet are pretty injured in the process. David catches her further down river. She was underwater more than fifteen minutes after she freed him. Holy cow.

Moving on to chapter 20. They go to Tamani. David sleeps in the car while Tamani heals Laurel and she sleeps in the forest. When she wakes up (conveniently in Tamani’s arms) we finally find out some of the answers we’re looking for!

The ugly people are trolls, who are trying to take over the faeries, it’s one of those never ending grudge things. The reason the land is so important is that it contains a gate to the Faerie world. The trolls made Laurel’s father sick to force her mother’s hand into selling the land, which is now apparent, is really not a good thing.

They head off to fight the trolls, Tamani grumbling all the way about having to meet David. Looks like an exciting showdown is shaping up. More to come!


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Wings - Chapters 17, 18
Things take a dark twist in these next two chapters.

Laurel’s father gets sick. We’re not talking flu sick, we’re talking deathly ill. He’s so sick that Laurel’s mom actually called an ambulance. And as we know, their family doesn’t do doctors or hospitals. Ever.

Laurel takes over hours at the bookshop, and her friends do her best to cheer her; but even cuddling with David isn’t enough to lift her spirits. David drives her regularly to the hospital her father has been transferred to. He really is being a great guy here! I’m impressed! But her father doesn’t improve; he gets worse. Te doctors have located a toxin in his body that if left alone will shut down his organs one by one. So far nothing they have done has been able to reverse it. (Something tells me Laurel is going to have to use her special new powers in order to save her father)

Things spiral further out of control as the creepy realtor Mr. Barnes keeps hounding their family about the land sale. After he thoroughly interrogates Laurel about why her parents are never home, she begins to screen her calls, never answering the ones from him. Can you predict the next thing that is going to happen here?
If you were an astute reader you would have figured out that this Mr, Barnes obviously isn’t going to give up that easy. If you guessed that, you’re right. An afternoon about two weeks into this saga, Laurel’s father has been given a week to live. David immediately takes her to the hospital, it no longer seems weird when they hold hands. Their relationship has progressed past friendship now whether Laurel wants it to or not.

As they enter the room, guess who’s there? You got it – Mr. Barnes. Laurel’s mom is smiling and nodding, singing her life away. She is almost trace-like happy for someone whose husband is dying. Her family is swimming in debt without health insurance, and no matter what she says there is no way Laurel can convince her otherwise.

Despite the fact that she understands, there is still something seriously off about Mr. Barnes. She decided to take off with David and investigate the office address on his business card. And let me tell you, this is where it gets really weird. The office address is a house; a very old house that looks like it’s abandoned.

David sees a light, and we find Mr. Barnes in addition to the house. Two creepy guys are with him, the look wrong – like their skin didn’t quite hang on them right. Also in the corner, a creature is chained up. It looks half-human, half-animal. Its jaws are distended, and from the rest of the description: YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT THIS IS.

Just as they’re about to run, it opens an eye, a blue eye, and looks at Laurel. Talk about a cliff hangar! Anyway, I’m really excited to find out what’s going on here. More to come!

Question for the comments: If you were Laurel, would really really have gone after that guy?

Wings – 15,16
As opposed to the last two chapters, fifteen and sixteen were ridiculously short.

Laurel makes a report to David, though she doesn’t tell him much. She is plagued by thoughts of Tanami – the ring necklace he gave her is certainly doing its job. Do I sense a love triangle shaping up here? Laurel compares the two in her mind. David: cool, calm, reliable, trustworthy. Tamani: wild, passionate, dangerous.

Laurel comes up with yet another experiment – since she’s a plant, she must breathe oxygen out. So, David breathes into her mouth, she holds it in, and breathes it back. The kissing part of it is just a bonus. ;) It would seem like Laurel breathes almost pure oxygen. I bet that was an exhilarating breath.

The next day Laurel spends some time with Chelsea. She takes her to a lighthouse on the coast. Laurel loves the ocean breeze as long as she doesn’t touch the water. After a picnic where Chelsea eats a snickers, and Laurel eats strawberries, they have a little heart-to-heart. About David.

Chelsea’s liked him for a really long time, but she concedes the victory to Laurel. A little more of Chelsea’s character is revealed, and they part as friends. I know its not the most exciting post, but that’s all for now! More to come soon.


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Weekend Quote
Do I dare
Disturb the universe?
In a minute there is time
For decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse.

T.S. Elliot - From 'The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock'

Wings – 13,14
The next couple of chapters are what I call the lull chapters, they’re really interesting, but it’s a lot of conversation. This is the part in the book where the majority of the mysteries are explained once we get past it and understand everything, the plot can move forward. So hold onto yourselves! I’ll try to get some of the details, but I do want to save some surprises for when you read the book yourself!

Laurel decides to go back to see Tamani. Good idea? Maybe….maybe not. David isn’t too happy, but he can’t stop her, so he just says to be careful. It doesn’t take Laurel to find him, he pops out right when she calls for him in all of his supermodel-green eyes- great hair- glory.

They end up talking in the same clearing they were in the last time she visited. After some friendly (and flirtatious) banter they get down to business. Laurel has magic! Which she can’t quite believe, but apparently she has a lot, she’s quite a powerful faerie.

There are four kinds of faeries, and they correspond with the seasons. They range in power opposite of what you might think. Winter are the rulers and most powerful, no one really knows the limit of their power. Autumn are second. (Laurel is an autumn faerie) They do a lot of plant magic, elixirs and potions, not really specific, but they can do a lot. The Summer faeries are flashy and entertaining, and finally the Spring faeries are the last in line, and the manual labor. (This is Tamani)

Even though it would seem that Tamani got the short end of the stick, he didn’t. He can entice people. That’s how he got Laurel to follow him the last time she was there. Needless to say, Laurel really isn’t too thrilled about that. But now that she knows, it can’t happen again. That’s good!

Now here’s something I find most interesting. Tamani’s hair roots and eyes are green because he eats green plants! Laurel has normal coloring because she drinks a lot of water and sprite, and doesn’t eat enough of one color to change her pigments. I think that would be awesome! Just change the color you eat, and get a makeover!

Several other things are covered, including pollination. Yeah, basically the faerie sex talk. Apparently, since faeries pollinate to reproduce, no pregnancy risk. And I QUOTE THE BOOK– ‘sex is just for fun’ Moving on…..

The rest of the chapter reveals that Laurel’s families land is very important to the Faerie Realm, and she cannot under any circumstances allow her parents to sell the land. How she’s going to accomplish that, I don’t know. Also turns out Laurel is 19 in faerie years. It would also seem that there is more to why she was given to human parents than is being revealed. I have a feeling we’ll find THAT out very soon.

Tamani seems overly sad to see her go. It was obvious he liked her, but this is almost too much. He even gives her a small faerie ring to where around her neck to think of him. He kisses her hand before she leaves, and the glow from it seems to spread through her whole body as she rides her bike away.
Handshake Harmony
Handshake -- the first impression you make on a person when you meet them. Obviously, this is pretty important aspect of meeting someone. But have you ever had a handshake that just made you want to cringe? Yeah. I thought so. So here I am, breaking down handshakes for you.

There are 6 distinct kinds of handshakes. I have personally experienced them all. Hopefully the following breakdown will help you determine what kind of handshake you have, and fix it if it's bad.

1. The Clammy Handshake
The most common kind of discomfiting handshake. You walk up and meet someone, grasp their hand, and immediately feel this: as if you've been outside in pig-stinking summer heat, but the sweat has cooled and you have that peculiar too cold sensation. OR their hand feels like it is covered in slightly tacky interior wall paint, which has now secured itself securely to your hand.

Oh yes, those of you who have been victims understand the acute discomfort that this causes. So for those of you who are the clammy hand owners...I don't even know how to give advice for this one.

2. The Dead Fish Handshake
I think this is possibly the most awkward of all the kinds of handshakes. This is what happens when you shake someone's hand, and you suddenly find yourself holding it. This is because they have not gripped your hand they have placed their hand in yours, and it just lays there while you shake it! Really?? Really? WHY? Why would you let your limp had sit in mine like that? It really does feel like a dead fish is sitting in your hand.

If this is you, please get a grip and actually SHAKE someone's hand!

3. The Death Grip Handshake
This one is pretty self explanatory. You shake the person's hand, and you hear all your joints crack in the bone crushing grip. It takes everything in your power not to fall to you knees because of the ridiculous pain now radiating up your arm.

For those of you inflicting pain on us all, lighten up please!

4. The Creepy Handshake
This one doesn't occur very often, but when it does run away quickly. You can usually tell who these people are, you'll get that tingly 'off' feeling when you look at them. When you shake their hand, it seems normal -- until the release. When you left go their fingers gently stroke down the entire length of your hand and fingers, generally making you shiver with the entire creepy experience.

I think I've said enough on the one. Just don't be creepy.

5. The Cool or 'Man' Handshake
You see this all the time in movies, or in real life if you have friends who like to think they're cool. ;) You could also call this the 'secret' handshake. To guys approach each other and either grip hands and give a guy hug, or launch into a long and inexplicable series of hand signals that no one else will ever be able to interpret.'re cool....

6. The Perfect Handshake
This handshake is the paragon of them all. When you approach the prospective hand shaker, they are prepared, confident, and they look you in the eye. The grip is firm and solid, a good medium pressure. The contact is only held long enough to establish a connection, not long enough to become awkward. Golden light should flow out from the union of these handshakes!

If this is you, good job!

Question for the comments: Which self-diagnosed handshake are you?

That's all for now! ttyl.

Wings - Chapters 10,11 and 12!!!
Okay, so I was only supposed to two chapters today, but as the story truly kicks into gear, I'm having a much hared time STOPPING reading after my assigned chapters. So before I could stop myself I found myself reading a third chapter. I had to rip the book out of my own hands before I read a fourth! Needless to say, with today's chapters the story takes off.

Laurel shows up at David's house the morning after her freak-out to apologize. You can tell he wants to be mad at her, he really does. But he's a sucker. :) After a couple minutes of her begging he caves. They almost kiss. (You know its coming any time now, because if writer's hold that aspect of the relationship off too long, their readers will rebel) They talk briefly about their relationship, and what Laurel can handle. David expresses his willingness to just be her friend for as long as she needs it.

David has a brilliant idea, why not test some of Laurel's cells to see if she really is a plant? Makes sense -- David is the science geek with a microscope in his room, plus he's the only one who knows her secret. A whole parade of experiments follow. The cells from the inside of her cheeks (like on CSI!) = plant cells. A blood sample is next, though Laurel is absolutely terrified of needles. *David, being totally into Laurel the way he is, is really sneaky here* He has her sit behind him, and out her arms around him so that he can prick her finger without seeing the needle. Very sneaky indeed.

As now expected, Laurel doesn't have 'blood'. Have you ever crushed a flower and seen that strange clear fluid that comes out? Yeah. That's the stuff that comes out of Laurel's finger. David then checks her pulse at neck, wrist and on her chest. Can you guess what the result of that test? You guessed it! She has no pulse.

She breaks down again, of course so would I. This chick has had so much thrown at her in the past couple of weeks anyway in their right mind would have a breakdown. She basically thinks she is dead or going to die. Conveniently, David is there to comfort her.

Now before I write this next part, I must explain something. Any normal girl gets a kick of adrenaline like a syringe to the heart when she reads a well written romantic/kiss scene. This one is no exception. Though David comes to his senses before they can get too carried away. Laurel is not unhappy, but she still doesn't know if she can handle a relationship.

The great majority of the rest of this chapter is scientific conversation housed in different scenes. They discuss Laurel's diet, whether or not she really needs to breathe, if she can photosynthesize through her skin etc. She also does some research about Faeries on the internet, but she can't find anything, not even a myth that suggests that faeries would be plants.

A new dynamic enters here, David asks Laurel to go to the costume dance with him as a Faerie, using her actual 'wings' as a costume. She's not to sure about it, but she gets caught into it by another friend Chelsea. Better to go to the dance than to tell her secret!

Now do you see why I had to read another chapter? No way was I waiting to find out what happened at the dance! The story gets around that David is making Laurel's wings for the dance. She provides the dress, and he with a little sparkly garland and tinsel makes it look like the flower is nothing more than a costume. With a touch of glitter to her face and hair, she is perfect. Its almost like prom with the amount of pictures their parents take!

Everybody is fooled and loves the costume. Laurel even begins to believe and enjoy the fact that she is a faerie! Everything is great. She and David dance, and it seems for once that maybe everything is turning out fine. Until a petal falls off. Laurel begins shedding petals like crazy, and by the time she reaches home, there are only 5 left on her back. With a mysterious kiss to her forehead, David is gone, and we are at the end of another chapter.

This post has been extraordinarily long due to my weakness! Sorry! I'll try to be good and stick to one or two chapters per post.

Question for the comments: So of you have expressed that you really like your reviews. Do they encourage you to read the book yourself? or are reading these a replacement for it.

Talk to you soon!
Wings - Chapters 8,9
"Hold onto your seats everyone, it's going to be a bumpy ride!" That's easily what I could say about chapter 8 of wings. This chapter explodes all the weirdness we've seen into outright mania, and yet somehow it all makes sense.

Laurel goes back to her old home with her parents, to clean it up and check on it. (Maybe the visit from the strange realtor had something to do with it? Anyway, not to jazzed about cleaning, Laurel wanders off with her guitar to a familiar stream. She lets the petals free on her back, since the get sore from being tied down. As she sitting there playing Sarah Mclachlan (Good choice!), this is where it gets really interesting.

Someone rustles in the bushes, and falls out of the foliage near her. The stranger, whose name is Tamani, is gorgeous. Brilliant green eyes, black hair with matching green roots, perfect tan, prefect body. He knows Laurel, and she knows him. It tickles at her mind, though she can't really say why.

He tells her to come with him, and grabs her hand. This is where Laurel loses her senses, she
goes with him. Not a smart idea. However, I think that his physical touch had something to do with the persuasion, since once he lets her go her wits come back. As any normal girl would, being alone in the woods with a stranger, she freaks out and tries to leave. Her lures her back with the promise of answers.

If you want to suprised when you read this book, you should probably not read the rest of this post.

Ok...Are you ready for this? --
He tells her she's a plant. Not just a plant, but the most highly evolved form of plant. A Faerie.

A FAERIE!!!!!! What??? Are you crazy?

That's pretty much the reaction Laurel has and she runs away as fast as she can. (smart girl)

The next day David can tell somethings up, but Laurel manages to avoid him at school until biology. Tears are a big factor here. She promises to tell him later as they start to come, and since Laurel doesn't cry much, he doesn't push the point. David takes her back to where they had their first 'date', the twisted tree.

At this point, Laurel is in full on meltdown mode. And seriously, who wouldn't be with all the crap that's been going on? She's plagued by the memory of Tamani, and refuses to believe that she is a Faerie, or a plant. David simply adds fuel to the fire by saying that it makes a lot of sense. (Which it does, having to be outside, vegan, overly obsessed with nature, can't swim in salt water) She freaks out on him too, and in a deja-vu like repeat of the day before she runs away.

Chapter 9 finishes with Laurel asking her father if she had been different as a child. Though he gives her placating answers, I think the parents may have more of a clue than they're letting on.

More to come soon. Is two chapters to much for one post? I would like to finish the book before I leave for school and this seemed about the only way to do it.


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