Wings – 13,14
The next couple of chapters are what I call the lull chapters, they’re really interesting, but it’s a lot of conversation. This is the part in the book where the majority of the mysteries are explained once we get past it and understand everything, the plot can move forward. So hold onto yourselves! I’ll try to get some of the details, but I do want to save some surprises for when you read the book yourself!

Laurel decides to go back to see Tamani. Good idea? Maybe….maybe not. David isn’t too happy, but he can’t stop her, so he just says to be careful. It doesn’t take Laurel to find him, he pops out right when she calls for him in all of his supermodel-green eyes- great hair- glory.

They end up talking in the same clearing they were in the last time she visited. After some friendly (and flirtatious) banter they get down to business. Laurel has magic! Which she can’t quite believe, but apparently she has a lot, she’s quite a powerful faerie.

There are four kinds of faeries, and they correspond with the seasons. They range in power opposite of what you might think. Winter are the rulers and most powerful, no one really knows the limit of their power. Autumn are second. (Laurel is an autumn faerie) They do a lot of plant magic, elixirs and potions, not really specific, but they can do a lot. The Summer faeries are flashy and entertaining, and finally the Spring faeries are the last in line, and the manual labor. (This is Tamani)

Even though it would seem that Tamani got the short end of the stick, he didn’t. He can entice people. That’s how he got Laurel to follow him the last time she was there. Needless to say, Laurel really isn’t too thrilled about that. But now that she knows, it can’t happen again. That’s good!

Now here’s something I find most interesting. Tamani’s hair roots and eyes are green because he eats green plants! Laurel has normal coloring because she drinks a lot of water and sprite, and doesn’t eat enough of one color to change her pigments. I think that would be awesome! Just change the color you eat, and get a makeover!

Several other things are covered, including pollination. Yeah, basically the faerie sex talk. Apparently, since faeries pollinate to reproduce, no pregnancy risk. And I QUOTE THE BOOK– ‘sex is just for fun’ Moving on…..

The rest of the chapter reveals that Laurel’s families land is very important to the Faerie Realm, and she cannot under any circumstances allow her parents to sell the land. How she’s going to accomplish that, I don’t know. Also turns out Laurel is 19 in faerie years. It would also seem that there is more to why she was given to human parents than is being revealed. I have a feeling we’ll find THAT out very soon.

Tamani seems overly sad to see her go. It was obvious he liked her, but this is almost too much. He even gives her a small faerie ring to where around her neck to think of him. He kisses her hand before she leaves, and the glow from it seems to spread through her whole body as she rides her bike away.
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