New Moon Trailer!
For those of you that follow twilight, I have the New moon trailer in HD right here!



Cleaning - The Bane of the Universe
For those of you writers out there, this is for you, I hope that this resonates with you on some level. :)

I arrived home from college a week ago, and in between my sleeping, relaxing, and my utter lack of school work, (which is still throwing me for a loop) I have been writing. I really have not had the motivation to do anything else. Cleaning is one of those things. I dutifully unpacked everything from my car into my room upon my arrival, where it has stagnated and slowly crept out of its confinement until my room now resembles the remains of a bombing attack.

As a writer and artist, this does not bother me nearly as much as it does my parents. I call it artistic freedom, they call it abominable. So try as I might, I cannot escape the task of cleaning, even when that time could be used for writing! So, I must go clean the remnants of the missile strike, while Prince Caspian plays in the background to help me focus.


Cash in the modern world....
Hello, friends.

In the past weekend I packed up the entirety of my life into my Ford Taurus (Do not scoff, it has a customized engine and is pretty much the sweetest car ever), gone to one of ten weddings for the summer, and moved back home for the amazingly long period of.....eleven weeks. Thus, the lack of posting. I sincerely apologize.

On another note, I finally saw the first Transformers movie today! I liked it, I never watched the cartoons, so I have nothing to compare it to. I am really looking forward to see revenge of the fallen!

Ok, final random housekeeping note. My manuscript is up to 93,000 words! I am making significant progress. I'm really going to work hard to finish it over the summer so that I can begin the 'friend-editing' process that I already have in place.

So, on to the true topic of the post: Paying with cash in a credit world.

I received my very first question! it is from one of my friends who was nice enough to sit down and actually read this. Her question was, do you ever feel awkward when you pay in cash at the store and then have to put it away? Do you ever feel like people are judging you because you are going too slowly? What is the protocol for this situation?

In answer to her question: Yes, I have felt that way many times.

You walk up to a counter to pay for your miscellaneous objects, which by the time you have finished checking out you feel are completely a waste of your time, money, and embarassment. Let's say you hand the cashier a ten dollar bill. Already, this person has placed you on edge, because the people they place on cashwrap are young high school girls with pigtails that have more colors than a skittles bag and a nose ring that would rival any bull in spain. They gaze at you through droopy eyes that remind you a little of yourself in the pre-coffee stage of the morning, and you silently remind yourself to write a note to the manager suggesting that free espresso shots be made available to all employees.With an amount of disdain equal to that of a royal family member sitting on an unclean park bench, she gives you your change.

Now, this is where the dilemma inevitably falls. You have several options:
1. Put the change away in your wallet properly, taking as long as needed. Yet all the while falling into a strange paraniod belief that every pair of eyes in a five-hundred foot radius is glued to you, and that those same people are judging your whole life based on this simple task, and they have inevitably found you proundly mentally retarded, since you cannot capably put away your change in a decent amount of time.
2. Grab the change and shove it awkwardly in your pocket with your keys and cell phone. In this position it is guaranteed to fall out and scatter over the parking lot when you try to free said keys from your pocket. (If it were just your car keys, there would be no problem, but members of our current society are incapable of owning a keychain without fifty or so 'savings cards' to stores they never visit or use) Sometimes this option can be an even greater source for embarrasment then option 1, because you are reduced to looking like an idiot, chasing pennies that seem to have an endless capacity to keep rolling across the parking lot.
3. This is the option I fall prey to most often. You take your change, wrap the coins in the bills, the bills in the recipt, and put said bundle into your shopping bag. Now the change can be easily retrieved at a later time where there will be no more opportunity for potential embarassment by the throng of people that always seem to be present when something awkward happens.

However, all of this can simply and easily be avoided. Use a credit card!


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Cloudy with a chance of...Meatballs?
It is very late, and so my post will not be of great length tonight. However, I had to express my joy that Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs will be hitting theatres in animated movie form on September 18th!

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs, the absolutely fantastic childrens book, is about a town who's weather suddenly turns wacky. The rain consists of soup and orange juice, giant pancakes and syrup floods abound. Magically, the food falls from three sky three times a day, and correponds with the correct meal. In the end, the food becomes overwhelming, and the have to sail across the sea(using boats made out of giant bread slices, with peanut butter as the glue of course). As a child, I just could not get enought of this book! I am so excited they are making it into a movie.

I watched the trailer at the website that Sony pictures has created for the movie, and even though they have made some structural changes to the story, I think the essence will be preserved in the film. Rather than having the focus center around an imaginative child as it does in the book, the story focuses around a crazy yet loveable inventor named Flint. It would appear that Flint is one of those people the town loves to hate, since he is always stirring up trouble with his nonsensical inventions. However, when flint stumbles upon a way to convert water into food, that is where the town's trouble starts.

I am really looking forward to seeing this film, just for the sake of my childhood memories!

You can watch the trailer and find out more about the movie here:

Three Weeks in Hell Eating Cafeteria Food...
May Term(definition): (Noun) A three week period of hell in which a student is allowed to take up to two classes. (Sentence use) I really am not enjoying my stay during May Term.

There definition above is absolutely true. My school has a thing called May Term, where any class you take is condensed from fifteen weeks into.....three. So every day you spend in class during May Term, is equal to one week of classes in the regular semester. Crazy? I think so. However, myself and about 180 other students make use of this psychotic notion to avoid taking classes during the rest of the summer. The trade off is well worth it, but with four days left and the brilliant light at the end of the tunnel in sight, everyone is losing motivation.

Now on to the main reason for my post: Cafteria Food. *Shrill shriek in the distance* Now, under normal circumstances, I would say that the substances that come out of our cafeteria (which will hence be referred to as 'Chuck's') is relatively good average fare. But alas, the summer has arrived, and Chuck's has abandoned us to a fate that involves a great deal of bowls, milk, and large bins of cereal. The staff of Chuck's has played a cruel trick on the poor, unsuspecting, and so-stressed-out-they-have-no-sanity-left students of May Term.

For the first week, the food was uncannily good. There were such things as chicken, spaghetti and meatballs, and even the ocasionally ripe banana. We thought 'maybe since there are less students, they have money to spend on nicer food!' False. We have now seen that Chuck's deteriorated into a state even lower than the normal school year. Instead of the aforementioned deliciousness, there are now things like pizza that resembles the cardboard it came on, pasta that masquerades as the insides of a cheese monster, and fish fillets that appear as an odd combination of the dead fishes' skeleton and a Brillo pad.

What are we to do in the face of this crisis, both economic(no money) and stomach(No edible food). The good people, we'll call them the D's, came to our rescue! The D's kindly invited myself and a few friends over to enjoy dinner with their family, where we gorged our-- we humbly ate delicious taco salad. The kind that can only be made at home in a kitchen. Ahh...victory. The only thing that we can then do, is to promote the D's to economic superhero status! Congrats to the D's(you know who you are).

No I must go back to finish off this three week stint in the perfectly mild, gorgeously sunny days of pre-summer weather that are the hellish prison that hold us captive. Starting with three papers.


E-mail questions you want me to talk about to!

P.S. My roommate would like me to state that she is completely awesome. (Which she is ;))
Star Trek Review
I just got back from watching the new Star Trek movie with so friends...and I must say, it was awesome! Everything from the special effects, to the acting and emulating characters from the past seasons of Star Trek, was brilliant. The opening sequence especially, is intensely emotional as you watch a father sacrifice his life for his wife and son.

I must say that I have never been a Trekie. But I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I am kind of an action girl, and I really like movies like this, and even without a background of Star Trek history, i was able to understand and enjoy the plot. I would definately have to see it again in order to give it a proper review. Right now my mind is still glaze with the glare of explosions and twisted with the infinite power of the many gaping black holes that appear throughout the film.

That said, if you have not seen it, I encourage you to go watch it! You will not be disappointed.


P.S. Chris Pine is an incredible fine specimen of the male species if I do say so myself. ;)
Summer School
So here I sit, in a class called Worldview Development, listening to my teachers opinions on Eschatology. A heavy subject for 9 o'clock in the morning. And yet, I had tea, and am fascinated by the different interpretations.

But let me introduce myself. My name is Charlee Vale. College student. Writer.

I've toyed with the idea of starting a blog for sometime now. I just decided today to actually do it. I'm not really sure what the format will be, but I'm hoping people will actually read it! :)

Most likely, if no one e-mails me a question they want me to talk about, I'll just find a random subject online and talk about it. Maybe do some series on things. I hope you enjoy, current and future readers!


P.S. If you have a question you want me to talk about, email me!