Three Weeks in Hell Eating Cafeteria Food...
May Term(definition): (Noun) A three week period of hell in which a student is allowed to take up to two classes. (Sentence use) I really am not enjoying my stay during May Term.

There definition above is absolutely true. My school has a thing called May Term, where any class you take is condensed from fifteen weeks into.....three. So every day you spend in class during May Term, is equal to one week of classes in the regular semester. Crazy? I think so. However, myself and about 180 other students make use of this psychotic notion to avoid taking classes during the rest of the summer. The trade off is well worth it, but with four days left and the brilliant light at the end of the tunnel in sight, everyone is losing motivation.

Now on to the main reason for my post: Cafteria Food. *Shrill shriek in the distance* Now, under normal circumstances, I would say that the substances that come out of our cafeteria (which will hence be referred to as 'Chuck's') is relatively good average fare. But alas, the summer has arrived, and Chuck's has abandoned us to a fate that involves a great deal of bowls, milk, and large bins of cereal. The staff of Chuck's has played a cruel trick on the poor, unsuspecting, and so-stressed-out-they-have-no-sanity-left students of May Term.

For the first week, the food was uncannily good. There were such things as chicken, spaghetti and meatballs, and even the ocasionally ripe banana. We thought 'maybe since there are less students, they have money to spend on nicer food!' False. We have now seen that Chuck's deteriorated into a state even lower than the normal school year. Instead of the aforementioned deliciousness, there are now things like pizza that resembles the cardboard it came on, pasta that masquerades as the insides of a cheese monster, and fish fillets that appear as an odd combination of the dead fishes' skeleton and a Brillo pad.

What are we to do in the face of this crisis, both economic(no money) and stomach(No edible food). The good people, we'll call them the D's, came to our rescue! The D's kindly invited myself and a few friends over to enjoy dinner with their family, where we gorged our-- we humbly ate delicious taco salad. The kind that can only be made at home in a kitchen. Ahh...victory. The only thing that we can then do, is to promote the D's to economic superhero status! Congrats to the D's(you know who you are).

No I must go back to finish off this three week stint in the perfectly mild, gorgeously sunny days of pre-summer weather that are the hellish prison that hold us captive. Starting with three papers.


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P.S. My roommate would like me to state that she is completely awesome. (Which she is ;))
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    haha wow i love your musings on cafeteria "food". gotta say i agree with ya ;) (this is angela btw)

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