Wings - Chapters 10,11 and 12!!!
Okay, so I was only supposed to two chapters today, but as the story truly kicks into gear, I'm having a much hared time STOPPING reading after my assigned chapters. So before I could stop myself I found myself reading a third chapter. I had to rip the book out of my own hands before I read a fourth! Needless to say, with today's chapters the story takes off.

Laurel shows up at David's house the morning after her freak-out to apologize. You can tell he wants to be mad at her, he really does. But he's a sucker. :) After a couple minutes of her begging he caves. They almost kiss. (You know its coming any time now, because if writer's hold that aspect of the relationship off too long, their readers will rebel) They talk briefly about their relationship, and what Laurel can handle. David expresses his willingness to just be her friend for as long as she needs it.

David has a brilliant idea, why not test some of Laurel's cells to see if she really is a plant? Makes sense -- David is the science geek with a microscope in his room, plus he's the only one who knows her secret. A whole parade of experiments follow. The cells from the inside of her cheeks (like on CSI!) = plant cells. A blood sample is next, though Laurel is absolutely terrified of needles. *David, being totally into Laurel the way he is, is really sneaky here* He has her sit behind him, and out her arms around him so that he can prick her finger without seeing the needle. Very sneaky indeed.

As now expected, Laurel doesn't have 'blood'. Have you ever crushed a flower and seen that strange clear fluid that comes out? Yeah. That's the stuff that comes out of Laurel's finger. David then checks her pulse at neck, wrist and on her chest. Can you guess what the result of that test? You guessed it! She has no pulse.

She breaks down again, of course so would I. This chick has had so much thrown at her in the past couple of weeks anyway in their right mind would have a breakdown. She basically thinks she is dead or going to die. Conveniently, David is there to comfort her.

Now before I write this next part, I must explain something. Any normal girl gets a kick of adrenaline like a syringe to the heart when she reads a well written romantic/kiss scene. This one is no exception. Though David comes to his senses before they can get too carried away. Laurel is not unhappy, but she still doesn't know if she can handle a relationship.

The great majority of the rest of this chapter is scientific conversation housed in different scenes. They discuss Laurel's diet, whether or not she really needs to breathe, if she can photosynthesize through her skin etc. She also does some research about Faeries on the internet, but she can't find anything, not even a myth that suggests that faeries would be plants.

A new dynamic enters here, David asks Laurel to go to the costume dance with him as a Faerie, using her actual 'wings' as a costume. She's not to sure about it, but she gets caught into it by another friend Chelsea. Better to go to the dance than to tell her secret!

Now do you see why I had to read another chapter? No way was I waiting to find out what happened at the dance! The story gets around that David is making Laurel's wings for the dance. She provides the dress, and he with a little sparkly garland and tinsel makes it look like the flower is nothing more than a costume. With a touch of glitter to her face and hair, she is perfect. Its almost like prom with the amount of pictures their parents take!

Everybody is fooled and loves the costume. Laurel even begins to believe and enjoy the fact that she is a faerie! Everything is great. She and David dance, and it seems for once that maybe everything is turning out fine. Until a petal falls off. Laurel begins shedding petals like crazy, and by the time she reaches home, there are only 5 left on her back. With a mysterious kiss to her forehead, David is gone, and we are at the end of another chapter.

This post has been extraordinarily long due to my weakness! Sorry! I'll try to be good and stick to one or two chapters per post.

Question for the comments: So of you have expressed that you really like your reviews. Do they encourage you to read the book yourself? or are reading these a replacement for it.

Talk to you soon!
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  1. Wow, you're just flying through those chapters. Good for you! I wish I was that fast.

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