Wings - Chapter 4
Time for the 4th installment in my review of 'Wings' by Aprilynne Pike!

This chapter is the longest so far, a nice refresher. And it revolves around the bane of teenage existence: The Zit. Our heroine Laurel gets one on her back.

After some slightly awkward conversation about puberty and the things that come with it, we move on. (Thank God!)

Laurel heads over to David's house for a 'study' session. He happens to be outside when she gets there, mowing the lawn - with no shirt. Believe me when I say that the in-detail descriptions of how his muscles look are intended to make the female readers drool. (It almost worked. ;))

Laurel passes the biology test for which she has studied, but the bump on her back is getting bigger. I think its safe to say its not a zit. What is it? A tumor? A hunchback in the making? Laurel's preoccupation with what could be wrong with her causes some strain in her relationships, especially the one with David.

I can't help but notice the way Aprilynne continually describes stuff in regards to Laurel. Her entire being revolves around the natural. She feels the need to be outside whenever possible, especially when faced with school inside. She takes a walk every morning to enjoy the air. And now in this chapter the thought of swimming in salt water makes her sick. She claims that it feels like the salt 'seeped into her pores and made her exhausted for days afterward'. Is something up with her? Or is she just extremely weak and picky.

By the end of the chapter, the bump is now the size of a softball. That's HUGE! I would be freaking out too! I guess we'll find out what it is soon enough.


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    I want to know more. please keep the reviews coming.

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