Wings - Chapter 2
Definitely time for another post about Wings!

Chapter 2
This chapter open at the end of Bio class. It seems like this is going to be a popular locale in the book, since it is were Laurel met her seeming hero of the story. Following what happened in Chapter 1, Laurel reluctantly has lunch with David in his friends. She is obviously not the social type, and seems to have an anxiety attack towards the end of the short lunch encounter.

For the second time now, someone at her school has made a big deal about her lunch. Usually people don't make this big of a deal about food, so I'm guessing that this is a part of the unsolved mystery of our heroine.

Skip to the next day. David becomes more bold, sitting next to Laurel in Biology. He seems quite taken with her after only 3 days, but, it is high school. ;) He wants to include her in his group of friends, but she says that she needs to be outside. Unlike any high school guy that I've ever met, he offers to move the entire group outside for her. Its a very sweet gesture, and I want to see how their relationship progresses.

The chapter ends with Laurel in more comfort than we have seen her, which bodes well. This is another very short chapter, and since I'm not exceedingly far into the book, so I don't have much to talk about, but there's more to come!


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