Wings - Chapter 1
Hello all!

I am so incredibly sorry that I had to postpone my post!

I was finally able to read the first chapter of Wings today! It was extraordinarily short, so I may be doing another post very soon.

The book opens as a great deal of YA novels do, a student starting their first day at a new school. Laurel Sewell, seems the normal nervous student, and suffers from normal 'new school disorientation'. There is a twist however, and this immediately allows me to identify with this particular character. Until this point in her life, she had been homeschooled. Since I was homeschooled for all twelve years of my primary and secondary education, I can relate. ;)

In biology class, Laurel meets a guy, he keeps sneaking glances at her. *eerily similar to Twilight anyone? haha* His name is david, and his description sounds a little more like Abercrombie model tahn high school student. But he is nice to her, and they end up eating lunch together. Here we learn taht Laurel is a vegan. Interesting...homeschooled and vegan. How many 'bad' stereotypes can we pack into one character? The interlude between Laurel and David goes well, agreeing to meet again the next day.

At home, Laurel lives up to her homeschool character. Because as we all know homeschoolers can be summed up in one word. ANTISOCIAL. (False. Its all lies.) She fervently tries to convince her mother to take her out of school, after the first day. And shock of all shocks, Laurel states that she is hungry! Several paragraphs describe Laurel's dislike of food and eating. Another word pops into my mind. Anorexia anyone? She basically states that she lives on little more than Sprite. Are we to add on yet another stereotype to her in future chapters?

Anyway, though the opening chapter is short, I look forward to reading more. Maybe tomorrow? See you all then!


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