The Maze of life...and writing
Hey yall!

I'm back home from school and rocking out around my newly put up Christmas tree!

Thank you for your patience with my negligent posting, but i should be just fine now. On a very, snazzy cool note, my new blog just went live! Harry Potter Girl. ----------> Click here!

I'm reading my way through the Harry Potter Series! Yes, all seven of them. And no, I have not read them before. I would be so happy if you guys would follow me over there and support me through the fantastic (and very long) journey. I'm looking forward to it!

Oh, and I promise the graphics will get better after I get back to school and have access to photoshop!

Ok, so anyway, last post I promised you here's one!

And don't IS solvable...I did it. Yes, I did.

But the purpose of this post is not maze, it's this one. The Maze Runner by James Dashner.

The Maze Runner centers around a boy named Thomas who wakes up in an wooden elevator moving upwards. He remembers his name. Nothing else.

The doors above him open into a huge stone square courtyard called The Glade. There are lots of boys like him there. No girls. There are four openings in these hundreds of feet high walls, one for each side. They lead to a maze. There is no way out. And if you get stuck outside when the walls close each won't come back.

This is pretty much all I can tell you about the book without ruining the story for you. It has a good plot with a total gut kicker in the ending epilogue. I didn't realize this was going to be a series book when I picked it up at the store...but I guess it is. I shall be interested to see how it turns out.

My only complaint with this book is that, like the character, I was extremely frustrated the whole time. The Author gives the sudience no more clues than he gives his character, and since he has amnesia....It works for the book, but it is a slightly uncomfortable feeling. I would like for you all to read it and give me your take on it!

Though I must say every once of discomfort was erased by the last line of the book. Just so incredibly shocking. I loved it.

I'll talk to you all soon!

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  2. Eesti Says:

    The Maze Runner is fabulous dystopian fare. A book I'd highly recommend to readers young and old. It's suspenseful plot and interesting characterizations making it a fun, entertaining and don't stop until you finish read.

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